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1 enamel pot or roasting pot (with lid)
a barbeque with a lid
1 Cockerham Boers Goat RUMP approx 1Kg
Olive oil
Fresh Mint
Fresh Rosemary
Worcester sauce
Garlic puree or 2 well crushed garlic cloves
Tomato puree
Lemon Juice
Balsamic vinegar
Lamb stock cube
Potatoes and salad to serve along side

1. Prepare the barbeque and light it.

2. In a jug combine a good slosh of olive oil with some vinegar and a small amount of Worcester sauce and a little lemon juice.

3. Finely chop the fresh herbs

4. Place the herbs and purees into the combined liquid ingredients and stir well.

5. lightly oil the base of the enamel pot or roasting dish and place the joint inside.

6. Stir the mixture again and gently pour over the top of the meat.

7. Place the lid on the pot. and place The pot onto the rack inside the barbeque (fairly close to the coals). close the lid of the BBQ.

8. cook the joint like this for around 1 to 1 1/2 hours then remove the lid for a further 1/2 hour.

9. Carve the meat and serve with roast potatoes (or jackets which have been wrapped in foil in the BBQ with the meat) and a fresh garden salad.

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