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"We finally got round to cooking the rolled shoulder joint. It was truly fantastic! Beautiful flavour, texture and appearance. It even met the enthusiastic approval of a very choosy uncle!"

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50 ml Olive or Spiced Oil
Juice of Half a Lemon
2 Cloves of Garlic
Chopped Rosemary or Mint
2 Bay Leaves
2lb Goat Meat cut into 2-3cm Cubes
1 Red pepper 2-3cm Squares
1 Yellow Pepper 2-3cm Squares
Several Baby Onions Same size again
1 Sweetcorn Cob part cooked and cut into 2-3cm slices
10 button mushrooms or half larger ones

1.Marinade the goat cubes in a mixture of the oil, lemon, crushed garlic, soy sauce, sherry, bay leaves, rosemary or mint and pepper. Leave for at least two hours although overnight is preferable if you've got time.

2.Drain the marinade into a bowl and keep for later.

3. Push the meat pieces onto the skewers alternatively with the onions, sweetcorn, mushies and peppers (2 or 3 pieces of pepper together will reduce overcooking)

4. Using a low grill or barbecue cook the kebabs for 15 to 20 minutes or until the meat is tender. Turn and baste with the marinade regularly.

5. Serve with rosemary and herb potatoes wedges and salad or on a bed of boiled rice

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