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The following photographs attempt to show the differences between kids with a range of Boer percentage, from 0% Boer (Black kid), 50% Boer (Brown kid) and 100% Boer (White kid) with regard to their use as a meat animal. All pictures were taken when the kids were the same age.

Front. This first photo clearly shows the breadth across the chest of the kids. Whilst this is not a cut of meat it is important to allow heart room and to create a strong stocky animal to carry itself as it gets heavier. The shoulders are also larger and rounder in the higher percentage animal

Here, in the rear views, it can be seen that the black kid has prominent hip bones and points of the buttock. The middle kid shows some rounding of the quarters and the white goat can be seen to carry a large amount of meat on both its buttocks and leg. As the leg is possibly the most valuable joint of meat this is an important factor in a Boer.

From over head , these points become clearer still and in addition you can see how the "chops" of the goat improve with the increased Boer percentage. The backs of the kids can be seen to become rounder and broader with improving coverage of the bones.

These last two photographs show the carcasses obtained from the kids in this study.
The carcasses on the left is the black kid and is clearly longer but does not carry as much meat. The brown kid (in the middle)gave a better carcass whilst there is vast improvement in the carcass given by the Boer kid as can be seen well in the picture below showing the leg joints clearly.

All kids used in this study were tha sole property of C & S Peacock.
Hopefully these comparison pictures will help to explain what a Boer goat should look like if it is to be used successfully as a meat animal.
The Boer buck may also be a useful animal within the dairy herd to help to create a more meaty carcass from your cull animals where you do not require replacement milking stock.

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