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Just to let you know the goat leg was good good good.
I rubbed it with chopped rosemary salt and pepper, roasted it slowly in the oven 190C wrapped in foil for 2.5hrs and further 30 minutes removing the top of the foil.

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BRITISH MEAT GOATS - Whilst our original Entire Males were generally Boer, many years ago we began developing our own "type" of goat which we began to call teh Britich Meat Goat (BMG). Our Male goats are now all BMG rather than Boer.
The BMG is selected for environmental and financial sustainability. This gives us the carcass size and quality of a boer but from a type of goat with lower inputs. Since beginning our herd in 2000 Cockerham Boers has owned and bred from a selection of Boer Goat Males. Early on we decided to actively select for commercial viability over and above colour or head shape etc.
Being quite strict in our selection, only the very best born each year were considered for retaining within the herd. Each had to be better than his father to ensure continued herd improvement.
Males are kept as a bachelor group from soon after tupping season until late the following summer. Meaning they are quite content in each other company.
Since 2010 all males have been kept horned as they naturally should be.
Our male kids are not handled at birth as we find over handling young males makes them much more likely to become aggressive. This means our group of males can easily be worked without fear of aggression from them towards humans.
Our males are chosen mostly for their conformation to give the best carcass, living outside for the majority of the year means we also select for hardiness, this means our goats often have longer courser coats than some other Boers.
For several years we have been working on developing our own type of goat called the British Meat Goat. Whilst the majority of our males are registered Boer goats they have been selected using our British Meat Goat criteria.
Below are photographs of some of our current and past breeding males, all of whom have left behind many daughters and granddaughters.

Our British Meat Goat males living their best lives.
2015 - 2023

Cockerham Alf 0-789-S
2005 - 2015

AI Straws available £25 each

Cockerham Colin 0-967-S
2005 - 2015

Yorkvale Chaz 0-997-S
2008 - 2016

Broadland Samuel 0-472-S
2005 - 2014

AI Straws available £40 each

Bispham Oswald 0-742-S
2006 - 2014

AI Straws available £25 each

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