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Satisfied Customers
Just to let you know the goat leg was good good good.
I rubbed it with chopped rosemary salt and pepper, roasted it slowly in the oven 190C wrapped in foil for 2.5hrs and further 30 minutes removing the top of the foil.

Cockerham Bucks

Cockerham Alf 0-789-S

AI Straws available £25 each

Cockerham Colin 0-967-S

AI Straws available £25 each

Yorkvale Chaz 0-997-S

Unfortunatly Neither Sam nor Oswald are still around,
However we have a good selection of their daughters and also straws for sale from both these bucks

Broadland Samuel 0-472-S

AI Straws available £40 each

Bispham Oswald 0-742-S

AI Straws available £25 each

Cockerham Does and Kids

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