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"We finally got round to cooking the rolled shoulder joint. It was truly fantastic! Beautiful flavour, texture and appearance. It even met the enthusiastic approval of a very choosy uncle!"

1.1/2 kg of goat breast (cut into pieces the size of tablets of chocolate 50g (2oz) 1kg of Spanish onions sliced
A knob or butter
Sugar, salt & pepper
1 tablespoon of flour
1 tablespoon of Hungarian paprika
Herbs of your choice
Stock about 1 litre

1.First brown the meat and retain

2.In a heavy pan cook the onions in the butter until soft

3. Add a little sugar and brown.

4. Then add the paprika flour and herbs, cook through

5. Then add the stock to make a creamy sauce

6. Add the meat and cook till tender 1 hr ish

7. Checking liquid and thickness, add a little stock when necessary

8. When cooked check seasoning and serve. Best with nobles or mash potatoes

Thanks to Alan cook of Windermere for this recipe.

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