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OUR Environment

Cockerham Goats Thinks of the environment as OUR envrionment rather than THE environment because we try our very best to accept responsibility for the environmental impact of our actions.
Since 2000 we have strived to make our farming as environmentally sound as possible. As we had done for our general lives for many years before.
Examples of our efforts are
Reduced plastic use in and around the farm and house.
Environmentally Sound Packaging for Mail order.
Minimal food miles
Selection of sustainably breeding stock - reduction in housing, Medicines and feeds.
Reduction in Hard feed requirments.
High Animsal welfare practices
Reinsation of wildlife pond on farm
Establishment of Wildlife strips across the whole farm.
Redevelopment of farm hedges for greater Diversity
Significant Planting of Trees and Hedgerows
Minimal Fertiliser Use
Lenient Grazing to encourage more varied Grassland.
Livestock Exclusion from areas of the farm
Wildlife friendly farming practices
Encouraging Diversity of wild flowers especially bird and insect benificial plant.
Planting of only native species.
A Buy British policy whenevr possible

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