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Satisfied Customers
The chops were delicious, bit like lamb but not so strong and v tender

Satisfied Customers
I tried the burgers last night, the best burgers I've ever eaten

Satisfied Customers
We had half the leg joint on Sunday. Delicious and so tender. I've always found goat meat a little tough before but this most certainly wasn't.

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Goat Meat Prices
From 1st Jan 2024.

Item Price Per kilo Approximate Weight Guides Recipe Idea For This Item
Leg Joint £ 19.25 per Kilo 1 - 2.3Kg Kid Kebabs
Pot BBQ Rump
Boned and rolled shoulder £ 19.40 per Kilo 1.1 - 2.2 Kg Roast Goat
Shoulder Joint £ 17.25 per Kilo 1.2 - 2.5 Kg Goat with mint and orange stuffing
Chops £ 17.55 per Kilo 4 pack 300g - 400g
Chop racks £ 17.55 per Kilo 300g - 400g Stuffed Goat Rack
Liver & Heart £ 7.65 per Kilo
Sausages * Average - 6 pack = £6.10
(min weight 450g)
Burgers * 4 pack = £5.50
Mince £13.450 per Kilo 500g packs Goatherds Pie
Goat Stuffed Chicken
Breast £13.45 per Kilo 500g - 800g Braised Goat Breast
Below are BUY NOW buttons for the whole and half goat packs.
If you use these buttons your order will be placed from our next available batch.

For more details or if you wish to pay another way you will need to email us
Half goat (minimum 7Kg) ^ £110.00 (Portioned)

Pack size

Whole Goat (Minimum 14Kg) ^ £ 205.00 (Portioned and including offal where available)
Delivery £ 38.00

Please Note Since 2014 Cockerham Goats has used only card boxes and sheep's wool insulation for deliveries.

The more environmentally sound option.

^ Half and Whole goat packs can be tailored to your needs.
A half pack would include 1 leg in 1,2 or 3 pieces,
1 Shoulder on or off the bone in 1,2 or 3 pieces (-500g from pack total when shoulder off the bone)
1 piece of breast if required
The remaining weight will be made up of Chops, Mince, Sausages * and Burgers * in varying quantities.
(2 Legs, 2 Shoulders and 2 Breast for Whole Pack)

Allergen Information

* Please note our sausage contain sulphites and gluten.
Burgers contain celery, soya, sulphites and gluten

Frozen items

Good selection of frozen items currently available for collection or for next day delivery

Next fresh delivery dates

Orders now being taken for

April 25th (note - date changed)
May 16th

Sharon Peacock with some of our goat meat

Enquiry Form

Please click here to complete our enquiry form, to check current frozen availability, order from our next batch or place a general enquiry.

Please note - Our enquiry document is stored on Google Drive, By completeing this form you accept that your details will be stored there.
We will only store them for a short period of time before deleting them.
We do not use them for anything other than replying to your enquiry immediatly and contacting you soon after if appropriate.
We do not pass these details to any third party
If you prefer for your details not to be stored on Google Drive please contact us by Email We do not store personal details in an electronic database on our systems

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