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Kune Kune (cooney cooney)

The KUNE KUNE has its origins in New Zealand and is a small scale pig which is referred to as a grazing pig. The KUNE is a slower maturing pig and is 'ready' at about twelve months of age. The pork, whilst similar to 'ordinary' meat, is somtimes accused of being too fatty or having black rind. Keeping the pigs free range we do not find this to be the case, the meat is slightly darker and we believe it to be tastier.

Very easy to keep Kunes can be kept as pets or stable companions, you will need a holding number from defra to own even 1. These are free but you must have one before you buy your pig. Please contact defra for more information.

Piglets occasionally for sale £85 each or 2 for £155
Please ring 0796 281 25 28 or email info@goat-meat.co.uk for more details

Dexter Cattle
2018 Saw the addition of Dexter cows to our farm.
These will be used for meat production.

Chickens and Ducks
Eggs available from the farm gate from both chickens and ducks £1.50 per half dozen
Occasionally Chicks and Ducklings for sale

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