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Plant Me A Tree

Having previously coppiced an old hedgeline, which had minimal wildlife value,
we are now ready to start planting a range of bird and insect benificial trees and shrubs in its place.

We know you don't all have space to plant a tree for the environment yourself so we can do that for you!

Tree sponsorship is £20, If you would like to sponsor a plant you will help towards the cost of the plant, rabbit guards, stakes and even a slate tag with your message for the future on it.
Plus the maintainance required to ensure the hedge gets growing properly over the next few years.

The plants are all British native and wildlife benificial.
Types include - Bird Cherry, Blackthorn, Hazel, Rose, Seabuckthorn, Willow and Wild Pear. The plants will be between 60-90 cm when planted (the best size to help them get establlished).

Contact us to order your tree now.

Fill in your message for the future or, In memory of, message in the box below.
If you need more space, that is fine - simply email or message us what you are wanting to say.
My Message

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