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Satisfied Customers
We have ... eaten goat with the best of them, I was with Ghurkhas ... for three years, and goat is one of their staple foods but the meat we got from you is the best quality we have ever had

Satisfied Customers
Just to say that your meat is delicious! We are much enjoying it - sweet and tender

Satisfied Customers
Could you let me know when you will be able to spare a full carcase. The last one I had from you was superb.

Established in 2000 Cockerham Goats is one of the country's longest established pedigree meat goat herds. It is a family run business where Only High Quality goat meat, taken from our own herd of British Meat goats, is sold. All our products are taken from animals born on site guaranteeing the animals quality of care both before and during slaughter.


We do not import or buy in any meat so as to be sure not to sell any products which do not reach our exceptional standards. Our standards are also used in the hanging and cutting of the meat which is performed by a small local licensed butcher.

Using around 140 females we run a medium sized, free-range herd which is able to run commercially whilst remaining small enough to avoid intensive farming systems.

High Quality Goat Meat production is our primary aim. Establishing our herd using the Boer Goat we now use careful cross breeding and selection dedicated to the creation of a comercially viable British Meat Goat.

Kidding indoors away from predators our goats then have free access to grazing and shelter for as much of the year as possible, leading as natural a life as they can. Generally our goats have access to shelter, however they prefer to be out to grass, regardless of the weather.

Goat meat?

Going under the names Cabrito or Chevon you will also find goat referred to simply as kid or goat. Whilst it is believed that up to 80% of the worlds population have goat in their diet, it is considerably under consumed in the U.K.
With a taste between lamb and beef it appeals to many people. In addition, being low in cholesterol, high in iron and ounce for ounce having less fat than chicken and about the same calories, goat is the ideal meat for the health conscious.
Much of the goat eaten in Britain is the "waste" or cull from dairy herds but increasingly the Boer Goat, a breed originating in South Africa developed specifically for its meat, is being crossed with dairy goats or bred specially for its meat. Having developed a type of goat best suited to our farming environment we can now be sure of the very best meat from an animal with the lowest possible environmental impact. The meat from this type of goat is better in both texture and flavour than meat taken from a dairy animal, as is true of the difference between beef and dairy cows.
For this reason we produce only meat from this type of animal.

The Cockerham Herd products

We find that high quality production is far outweighed by the demand for goat meat. Whilst this has led us to significantly increase production we maintain a close relationship with our stock to ensure all animals receive the individual attention they need.
For many years we have been a closed herd, we use only home bred females to breed from and only home bred animals for meat production. All our meat is produced from prime young stock between the ages of 8 and 18 months, as such it is a succulent and flavour some meat.
When correctly cooked it is beautifully tender and creates a wonderful roast dinner in addition to the believed more traditional dishes such as curries.
Pre ordered meat can be collected directly from our farm. We also now offer a mail order service.

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