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What happens when you click our BUY NOW buttons?

Once we receive your order and payment via PayPal we will place your order from our next available batch. This is normally within the next 3 weeks.

However there may occasionally be a longer wait than this, but wait times are kept to the very minimum.

We will then contact you by email to confirm your delivery date. We will also check your cutting plan if ordering goat packs.

When your delivery date arrives we will send your meat to the address supplied by PayPal, unless you specifically request an alternative address.
We do ask you to use an address where someone can receive the parcel.

You meat will be delivered fresh , we recommend (as per standard guidelines) that if it is to be frozen this is done asap after receiving it.
If you wish to eat it fresh we recommend that you do that by the Sunday following receipt. All our deliveries are made on Fridays.

Prices / Change
Occasionally the items you ordered may weigh slightly less than quoted/paid for.
If this is the case your change will be returned in the parcel or for larger amounts by PayPal.

Orders can be usually cancelled up to 14 days before the set delivery date.
orders cancelled before this time will receive a full refund via PayPal.
It may occasionally be possible to cancel orders up to 7 days before delivery at our discretion.
No refunds will be made for any items cancelled less than 7 days prior to delivery.

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